It’s time to bold with lipstick

Much like a good dress and the perfect pair of sandals, a good lipstick is an absolute essential to complete the look. Whether you’re looking for a ravishing red, or a barely-there nude or just a natural color, you have got to find the right shade that suits you and your complexion. Else, it could all go wrong and that why we are giving you the definitive lipstick guide right here.

A splash of red

Today, the red lipstick has become quite a statement and for good reason. No matter what the occasion, a bright red color blends in perfectly and adds a lot of life to your look. A red lipstick can transform your look instantly and is the best make up tool in your make up kit. What’s even better is that the color lasts a long time irrespective of whether it is a matte finish or gloss.

The color statement            

Whatever color you are particular on, always make sure you experiment with different colors. This is one of the biggest secrets to being one of the most fashionable especially when it comes to lipsticks. You could even try a deep plum lipstick or a sugary-sweet neon pink, but make sure you color code them well with the rest of your look. This could make for an extravagant style statement.

With so many different lipstick shades out there: nudes, pinks, reds – searching for the perfect lipstick shade can be quite hard. So, always ask for advice from your girl friends.

Always be open to suggestions and try out colors that you previously may not have wanted to try. This way, you can even experiment with your look.

So, get out there and be the fashion diva you always wanted to be!

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